The wonderful world of wine.

During my live Facebook session today (TEAFLIX TUESDAY) I got a call in from a lady in Liverpool (UK), Janet Weston, asking if we planned launching any wobbly leg red wine? That started me thinking about the possibility of a range of joke based wines. The possibilities are endless. Let me know if you have any suggestions on my Mrs. McCartney's Wines website or Facebook page. It could be a lot of fun. There is one which they stock in a local Playa del Rey Wine Bar called "Fat Bastard." This has led to some hilarious reactions according to the servers there. One can only imagine.

KFC have some revolutionary new ideas

KFC are experimenting with new soups and sauces recipes which will contain wines and various liquors. Imagine going to a drive through and coming away in danger of a DUI. Imagine trying to explain to the cops, "It was the soup wot did it officer."

The future of tea and wine together?

Fortnum and Mason of London have just informed me that they are now selling silk teabags laced with gin and tonic. That sparks the thought, where might we all go next in this area? How about a nice drop of English Breakfast tea with a smidgin of scotch in it? The possibilities are endless. I'll have to ask our little elves to put some thought into this.

California Wine Country continues to revive after the fires

There are a number of events planned over the coming months in the Napa and Sonoma areas  to raise funds to help with the rebuilding of homes and wineries that suffered during the recent fires. If any of my readers would like to know more about how to support them, I suggest you Google "California wine country recovery" which will lead you to several worthy efforts that are being planned.

Wine to New Zealand

I am excited to know that bottles of Mrs. McCartney's Wines are being shipped from Kemah, TX today to a friend in Los Angeles who will be taking them to New Zealand, where it will wind up in a castle that is being converted into an Air B n B. That will hopefully be the start of a new connection, and we all know that Kiwis enjoy a nice tipple. Wish me luck. Bottoms up!

It's all in the mind.

A researcher at Brock University  learned that people are willing to pay as much as $2 extra per bottle if he wine has a name that's hard to pronounce, regardless of the taste. And for eight years, an Indonesian man named Rudy Kurniawan earned at least $1.3 on counterfeit wine, just by telling people that his wine was older than it really was.